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5th Grade Eastside Student Honored by Professional Journalism Chapter

Posted Date: 10/29/2018

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Last week, Eastside student Israel Bollinger was honored with a Diamond Award from the Arkansas Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Israel was sought out by this group after they heard about his ambition in starting a school newspaper at Eastside. The newspaper was in fact started by Israel in the spring semester last school year and has already distributed 2 editions this year! 

Israel was honored with a banquet where he and other recognized journalists from around the state said a few words and enjoyed a dinner together. 

Jennifer Ellis, President, Society of Professional Journalists Arkansas Pro Chapter recognizing Israel, said, “We've heard all about Arkansas community newspapers closing up shop. Perhaps we could get the young Isreal to share a few words with us about starting the school newspaper. It’s inspiring for our members to see young people so interested in journalism. “

We are proud to have this student making such an impact at a young age. Currently, the newspaper staff is around 20 students and we have high hopes for it continuing once Israel moves on to Middle School-where we hope his ambition will continue!