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3rd Grade Engaging Learners All Around

Posted Date: 11/12/2018

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Students in 3rd grade are being challenged and engaged all day! 

Ms. Franklin works to provide hands on activities and experiments for students weekly. They have dug for fossils, participated in a science lab to demonstrate how living in groups can make it difficult for predators to attack their prey, and had visitors come and share their knowledge to build a balancing robot to name a few!

In Literacy, Mrs. Gentry is using fluency as a time to get students excited about reading. They have been practicing fluency through song. Earlier in the year, students were reading/singing along to "A Million Dreams" from "The Greatest Showman" and filling out what they hear/read, think, and wonder about the lyrics. Students are realizing that the more we hear a song, the more we can sing along. The same goes for reading- the more we read it, the better we understand it and the further we can go! 


Mrs. Robertson has students working in cooperative groups to share strategies and their thinking on different math concepts. Students brainstormed fraction comparisons as a cooperative group, then switched groups to verify true comparison statements. They also walked around to music. When the music stopped, they paired with a partner, then shared their strategies from their whiteboard.