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Teacher Cheers on Students in the New Year-The Cabin Article!

Posted Date: 01/15/2019

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Mrs. Robertson has made headlines for Eastside once again in The Cabin! Follow the link below for the full article. It was included in today’s edition.

From the article-

“This year’s motto at Eastside was “The Greatest School.”

“We’re really using our mission and our vision to make that motto come true to every child,” Robertson said.

She said the school emphasizes teamwork and team effort, but also talks with students about their individual values as part of that overall team.

Robertson said she wanted to create that in her classroom through the project and for each respective child to come back to their own individualized note.

“All of them did say ‘You [are] loved,’ because I want them to understand the importance that they have here at the school,” Robertson said.”

We are so thankful for our teachers and the relationships they are building with our students!