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STEAM Lesson on States of Matter in 2nd Grade

Posted Date: 01/27/2019

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Second grade students had a “blast” experimenting in our STEAM Lab this week! During a lesson with Mrs. Havens, they worked in cooperative groups to experiment on the effect of a balloon placed on top of a soda bottle. 2nd graders have been studying the changing states of matter from solid to liquid to gas and this experiment had them wondering! They asked questions about what would happen when the balloon was placed on top of the soda bottle after adding extra ingredients to make it fizzgasgas. Students made a hypothesis and observed as the balloon grew and grew! They concluded that the gas from the shaken soda was filling the balloon. Several were worried about the balloon exploding, but had a fun time learning with this hands on experiment. These experiences really add to the learning done in the classroom and we are thankful to have such a wonderful STEAM Lab for just such a lesson!