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Attendance Matters!

Posted Date: 02/19/2019

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We are in the middle of an exciting attendance incentive for our students here at Eastside!

Until Spring Break, we are encouraging students to be here as much as possible! We know that when students are at school and in the classrooms, they are learning! We have some exciting things happening at school and we want all students involved and engaged everyday!

More about those incentives—

For any student with perfect attendance, Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Dunlap will deliver a Sonic drink of their choice to the classroom AND they will have an hour of play time at the Greenbrier Event Center! (More information on permission to come!)

For any student with almost perfect attendance (missing only 1 day), students will enjoy a movie and popcorn in the cafeteria!

Finally, for any student missing only 2 days, there will be an extra long recess and a popsicle! 

All of these incentives will occur on Friday, March 15 before our Spring Break commences. We look forward to celebrating your students and their commitment to education and being at school as much as possible! Thanks for your encouragement and support!