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Community Seed Swap!

Posted Date: 04/17/2019

Community Seed Swap!

Our Community Seed Swap last night was a blast! We learned so much from our presenters Kami Green and Jessica Ferguson. Kami Green is from the U of A Faulkner County Extension office. She shared great information about transplanting a tomato plant or flower from a small pot to your home garden or a larger pot. We learned the importance of the roots and how deep to plant in a pot. She gave a great idea to start a salsa garden with tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro!

Jessica Ferguson of Ferguson Flowers shared wonderful resources for starting our own home flower garden. She brought in examples of how she starts her seeds and tips to get them enough water as they begin to grow. She has several magazines and books available for our gardeners to look through as they swapped their seeds.

Both presenters were able to answer great questions from our participants and many seeds were swapped! We can’t wait to see how these new seeds grow!

Big thanks to Whit Davis for donating a door prize and for our presenters for spending their evening with us!