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Panther Mail Call!

Posted Date: 08/10/2019

Panther Mail Call!

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Mail Call!! Calling all Eastside Panthers!

We missed you! 19 staff members sat down, while at a conference in Hot Springs, and hand wrote 350 postcards to Eastside Students. Each postcard talked about the upcoming “Game-Winning Season” and how the staff couldn’t wait to see them in a few weeks!  

Staff members wanted to make sure the students knew we were thinking about them, while they were enjoying the sunshine and time with their families! We couldn’t wait for them to come back! 

Pictures of students started to flood the inbox of our facebook, and we couldn’t help but smile at how excited our students were! New Families who were just registering wanted postcards too, and we wanted their students to feel welcomed! So at Orientation, we set up a table and collected addresses, so we could make sure to get our new students their postcards! 

This will definitely become a new tradition of Eastside.