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Clubs Clubs Clubs!

Posted Date: 09/02/2019

Clubs Clubs Clubs!

Clubs, Clubs, and more Clubs! 

Wood Working, PantherFit, Basketball, Card Making, Spirit Club, Board Game, STEAM, Acts of Kindness, Yoga, and so much more! Club kickoff was Friday and the staff and students of Eastside are loving it!

Every Friday the students of Eastside will have the opportunity to participate in a club! This will provide hands on experience on skills or activities that would not normally take place in the classroom setting. Each student chose their club based on their interest in the content or activity. Each club will restart every 9 weeks, so there is ample opportunity for students to participate in different clubs throughout the year. Teachers will also be looking into getting Community members involved. This will be another way for students to get different experience on different activities! If you would like to be a volunteer during this time, please feel free to email your student’s teacher or contact the office for more information!

Last Friday, Mrs. Hogg dressed up as a bucket for her bucket filling club. They will focus on filling peoples “buckets” and making them feel special by writing thank you cards or signs for different people. Mr. Oseguera and Mrs. Satterwhite in the Harry Potter Book Club gave students a quiz to sort them into their designated “Houses.” Mrs. Mcwilliams and Ms. Franklin taught students how to introduce themselves in German! Mrs. Dather led a group of students in some basketball outside! So many great things going on during the morning hours of Eastside!

The staff and students of Eastside love Friday clubs!