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Eastside Elementary Thrives in Year 3 of #PLC4AR Pilot Project

Posted Date: 10/01/2019

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guiding Coaliton2019-20 School Year for Eastside Elementary has begun, and this school, beginning year 3 of the the Professional Learning Community Pilot Project, is off to a great start! EES’ theme this year is One Team, One Dream. The quote the school community is living by daily is, "We never lose. We either win or we learn." This has become the mantra school wide. EES’ one word this year is Dream! The staff's dream is for all students to succeed in life. We know that all students' success will look different, but staff members are willing to do whatever it takes for students to be successful. 

Eastside Elementary School has been working hand in hand with Solution Tree for 3 years. During this journey, the work evolved the ability to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students. Once again this year, EES will be afforded 50 days of onsite coaching from Solution Tree Associates coming to from around the nation, some of which involves literacy, math, and assessment training. 

EES was recently been named #4 in the state from the Niche website as having the Best Public School Teachers in Arkansas (compared to over 400 elementary schools). This is a true testament to the work of our teachers, work centered on diving into kid by kid, skill by skill. Each week, teachers monitor individual students' growth on essential literacy and math standards. Along with looking at the data, a plan is constructed to provide interventions on those skills, as well as, enrichment for students that already understand the concept. PROWL time is more focused and targeted this year. Every student is in a PROWL group linked to a component of literacy. This could be intervention or enrichment based on what the student needs.

Students have truly embodied the process of goal setting. All classrooms K-5 use student data notebooks. This means each kid is able to track their growth on a variety of skills. Kids have taken goal setting into every day life as well. One student approached Principal Dunlap one morning and asked for a fist bump. After the fist bump, he said a number. She asked him what he was doing, and he explained that he had set a goal to get 80 fist bumps in one day. Although this was humorous, it was clear that students were taking goal setting to heart!

EES has received numerous calls and emails within the summer and first part of the school year asking questions about the incredible growth last year with students. The answer has simply been that EES has a truly, dedicated staff that are all here for the students. Every staff member sees every student as their kid! This has made the difference. It is a collective effort to help all students succeed. 

EES looks forward to the continued partnership with Arkansas Department of Education and Solution Tree during year 3 of the pilot program!rrr