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Cut the Net!

Posted Date: 10/30/2019

Cut the Net!

Students at Eastside Elementary are practicing “cutting down the nets” to celebrate their growth in one nine weeks! Each nine weeks students will go through this practice time! At the end of the year, all students will get to cut down their net in their hallway and take home a small piece of the net. 

The cutting down the net ceremony is part of our theme this year, ONE TEAM ONE DREAM! We as a school are working together as a team to see all kids succeed! (Practicing cutting down the nets is a tradition that Coach Jimmy Valvano did with his team NC state.) This idea was shared with staff two years ago. With this year’s theme, it was perfect to help students celebrate their success. 

Throughout the first nine weeks, students have set goals and throughout the nine weeks have monitored their growth.

cut the net