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Eastside Celebrates Veterans!

Posted Date: 11/13/2019

Eastside Celebrates Veterans!

vet 2Eastside honored the Veterans of our Families of Eastside on Monday. The morning consisted of a yummy breakfast for the veterans and their families, and a ceremony facilitated by students. 

The ceremony included the presentation of our colors, the National Anthem sung by Jo Beth Taylor, and a presentation of the “White Table” put on by Mrs. Havens, and our student ambassadors from 5th grade. Thank you to Jeremy Miller, Sr. Army Chaplain, Arkansas Army National Guard for his speech he delivered to our students and visitors. He discussed how important Veterans Day is, and how some are called to protect the Freedoms of America. The presentation was concluded with essays that were read by their authors from 3rd thru 5th grade. The readers included Jonah Hayes, Hannah Becky, and Amberly Rooney. The learning did not end with the ceremony, but extended into the classroom with two veterans who joined Pre-K and a 4th grade classroom. In Pre-K, a father of one of our students, went and spoke about what it is like to be in the military. In 4th grade, a grandfather of a student, joined the classroom and brought models of different planes he flew during his service in the Navy. The students enjoyed the hands on learning, and listening about the real experiences of our veterans. 

It truly was a beautiful ceremony honoring our Veterans and the families of Eastside. Thank you to those individuals who joined us. We appreciate your service and sacrifice. 

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