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Collaboration amongst Staff!

Posted Date: 01/30/2020

Collaboration amongst Staff!

“The Answer is in the Room.”

This is a common phrase amongst teachers at Eastside during Team Meetings. Teachers dig into data, kid by kid and skill by skill.  Teachers discuss current strategies to teach different skills, and sometimes it turns into a teaching moment for each other. We have all different types of learners in our classroom, and not one strategy is the correct strategy. Because we have tons of experts in our building, we make sure to share with one another, so our kids can grow and learn at high levels. 

Mr. Oseguera and thre math team discussed one standards and the progression of profieciency and skill from 3rd grade, to 4th grade, and into 5th grade. Mrs. Henney, our Special Education Inclusion teacher, shared a strategy with second grade teachers for students who are struggling counting on using money.