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We LOVE Hattie!

Posted Date: 02/23/2020

We LOVE Hattie!


Our teachers have focused on evidenced based practices during the month of February with our We LOVE Hattie Challenge!  Hattie has had a huge impact on our instructional practices and learning at Eastside! Students have loved connecting the hearts and trying out new strategies. All classrooms have used strategies like reciprocal teaching, jigsaw, success criteria, and microteach. It has been been researched that when using these particular stratgies (and more) students will make over a years worth of growth. 

Mrs. Isom wrote about the impact Hattie has had on her engagement in the classroom. “I am completely blown away by the growth that I’ve seen from my students thus far. It has been so rewarding, for myself, to watch the lights turn on while they are reading and understanding texts. I’ve seen a new level of confidence in some students that I never thought I’d ever see! They are owning their learning and have been eager to try new Hattie’s strategies to enhance their learning.”

John Hattie and his instructional practices have changed the way students and teachers are engaging and growing with the content. EES LOVE’s Hattie! 

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